The Do's and Don'ts of Travelling in Burma / Myanmar

Visitors to Myanmar (Burma) who want to do the ‘right thing’, now have it easy with the production of terrific cartoon booklets. Dos and Don’ts for Tourists – How you can visit Myanmar responsibly – is the entertaining and informative material recently developed for travellers to Myanmar.

Myanmar is currently one of the hottest new destinations for travellers and the Myanmar Government has recognised the possible risks of unsustainable tourism growth. To this end, they have developed booklets, posters and banners for visitors. Intrepid Travel, with its responsible travel approach and range of tours to Myanmar, has been pleased to sponsor a print run of Dos and Don’ts booklets.

Not only are the booklets educational – raising visitor’s awareness about the intricacies of Myanmar culture and society – but with illustrations from five of Myanmar’s top cartoonists, the booklets are also funny and make a great souvenir!

The booklets were developed after consultation with a wide range of Myanmar tourism stakeholders. Over 350 people were interviewed, leading to the development of the code of 30 Dos and Don’ts. Then a wide range of cartoonists were approached, with five being chosen representing five very different cartoon styles, reflecting the diversity of Myanmar culture.


  • "Mingalarbar" when meeting each other
  • "U" (for male) in front of the names for adult persons
  • "Daw" (for female) in front of the names for adult persons
  • Wear decent clothes to the pagodas or monasteries
  • Let the oldest be served first
  • Show respect to monks, novices and nuns
  • Offer articles with both hands
  • Keep the feet on the ground
  • Bend a bit when crossing close in front of the elders
  • Dress and act decent
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Take your bag with you at the hotel
  • Behave in a proper manner
  • Seek permission on retrieving an article above a person's head Bring some medicines to be safe


  • Don't wear the shoes and shorts at the pagodas and monasteries
  • Don't sit with back against Buddha Image
  • Don't offer to shake hands with a monk
  • A woman should not touch a monk
  • Avoid being a nuisance when taking photograph
  • Don't handle Buddha Images or sacred object with disrespect
  • Don't keep Buddha Images or sacred objects in inappropriate places
  • Don't step on a monk's shadow
  • Don't touch anybody on the head
  • Don't touch a woman on any part of the body
  • Don't point a finger straight in the face
  • Don't step over any part of the person
  • Don't gamble
  • Don't go where you are advised not to go Avoid use trafficking, handling, procession of Narcotic drugs

Some Courtesies at Pagodas/Monasteries

Some Courtesies in Social Life

Traditional Costume

Myanmar's Name

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  • Air Mandalay
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